About Us

Just a modest geek

Here at Geek Out Your Nerd, we are just like you. People who want to show their passion in a fun and unique way.

Looking around, all we saw were graphic T-shirts as the only way to show off our geeky side. We thought, "Why not give our fellow nerds something fun?"

So Geek Out Your Nerd started to design with our community in mind. We looked at what products would be most useful and fun to let that geeky side shine. Never be afraid to be your geeky, nerdy self.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We love all of our geeky nerds. Our goal is for you to be able to let that fun and special side of you shine.

    Our team is full of people of different walks of life. We love and respect people for we are all the same at heart.

    Geek Out Your Nerd is a LGBTQIA+ operated and owned store.

  • The Environment

    We are a print on demand store where each item is made especially for you.

    We do not believe in "fast fashion" that has been hurting our environment. This is why we start working on your items as soon as you order so that we do not have stock that will never sell and end up in a landfill.